Keanu Reeves in Watchmen? Not this nonsense again!

dgg-010771.jpgYou probably all know this but I nearly died on March 28th 2007 when Variety reported that Keanu Reeves was going to be in Watchman. I nearly had heart failure. Of course, when I read the article I could see that Reeves had actually signed on for The Night Watchman (now known as Night Watch) and not Zack Snyder's adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel at all. So I'm relieved. The world is still round, the birds chirp and sing just the same way in the morning and my football (soccer) team still keep losing. Everything is normal and just how it was before. Until today. AICN are telling us 3 names that are being considered for Watchmen. Indeed, they claim all three of these actors have had offers made to them.... Patrick Wilson as Night Owl Wilson is the guy who starred opposite Kate Winslet in Little Children. You know I could see it. Night Owl is kind of the voice of reason and the moral backbone of the story. The role needs a strong actor and he might just be the guy. Jude Law as Ozymandias This was the role we believe Tom Cruise had been offered earlier in the year. Law seems like a great choice though. He even kinda looks like the character. Keanu Reeves as Dr. Manhatten Just great (sarcasm). There's no doubt that the role of Dr. Manhatten is one of the hardest to fill in the whole movie because of his other worldly like status. I've always thought this role should be filled by someone we don't know, who will be able to generate his own presence on camera. DO NOT CAST REEVES, he should be no-where near something like Watchmen. Wilson and Law (he is perfect actually the more I think about it) are great casting choices but not Reeves. If reports of the film shooting soon are true, then you have to believe these offers are real and casting is about to begin. We shall soon find out.
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