Kevin Smith finishes writing his latest comedy script

gggggggggggggggg.jpgKevin Smith is very hit and miss with me. I really thought Chasing Amy was a very fine movie at the time of it's release and that it deserved much of the praise the director received, but then films like Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob and Jersey Girl (actually the best of that trio) didn't do a whole lot for me. But Clerks II I thought was great (review here). He really touched on something that I feel a lot of people my age have to deal with all the time. We are still young but still too old to learn some of the skills we should have learnt in our teenage years (play the guitar, learn languages, be good at certain sports) because we are never going to be able to do that now. We don't have the time, the enthusiasm or the energy for such things. Same goes with work. We will do enough to get by, but not enough to really get us anywhere. It's about something like Lord of the Rings coming along and kicking Star Wars out of the way. It's about living like it's 1999, but it's fucking May 2007! How did that happen? I know that's not literally what Clerks II was about, but that's only a little bit that struck me personally from what I thought was an intelligent film that was glossed over with Smith's usual comedy. GETTING SO OFF TRACK NOW... Slash Film are reporting the news from Smith's own website, that he has finished writing the script of his latest comedy movie, (currently untitled) and it comes in at 146 pages long but he wants to trim it down to a more manageable 120. The movie will be shot in Minnesota during the Winter months because apparently it's relevant to the story and Smith has Rosario Dawson in mind for a lead role. Smith will shot this comedy movie alongside his first venture into horror with the movie Red State, which he spoke a little about last month. The comedy flick will be budgeted somewhere between $5 and $22 million, and Red State will be made for significantly less... around $3 or $4. Hey, sign me up for both. I'm interested in seeing what he does next. I feel after Clerks II where he showed some artistic integrity, he should now push on and really show us what he is capable of. He's been doing this gig for sometime now, I feel like he's just waiting to shoot something really kick ass.
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