Kraven The Hunter: 10 Actors Who Could Play The Spider-Man Villain In His New Movie

Kraven the Hunter is finally coming to the big screen, but who should play the villain?

Kraven Joel Kinnaman
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There have been rumblings for years that Sony Pictures is keen to bring Kraven the Hunter to the big screen, and when the "#SonyHack" happened a few years ago, it was mentioned that the studio had considered adapting the classic Kraven's Last Hunt.

Following the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home, it seemed obvious that Kraven would be tasked with hunting down the fugitive web-slinger. While that could still happen, it was recently confirmed that Triple Frontier director J.C. Chandor has been tasked with taking the helm of a solo outing starring the villain for Sony Pictures.

That could involve Spider-Man or, like Venom and Morbius, might be entirely standalone in nature. Either way, the hunt is now quite literally on to find an actor to take on the role of Kraven.

It's not an easy part to fill, and the actor that is ultimately chosen will need to do a lot of both satisfy fans and do this iconic Spidey villain justice. There are, however, some names which jump out as being perfect fits, and it's those you will find here as we take a deep dive into the actors who could be Kraven in Sony Pictures' Universe of Marvel Characters (and possibly the MCU).

10. Daveed Diggs

Kraven Joel Kinnaman

If you've watched Hamilton on Disney+, then you'll no doubt be well-aware what a talent Daveed Diggs is. As Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, an argument could be made that he definitely stole the show, but for proof that he would make a great Kraven the Hunter, look no further than his work in Netflix's Snowpiercer TV series.

His raw, brutal performance as Andre Layton indicated that he would have no problem at all bringing a Kraven the Hunter to the big screen who has some real depth to him. He may be a villain, but if he's going to be the star of his own movie, then it's important that people will be able to root for him.

In the comic books, Kraven is obviously white, but that really shouldn't matter at this point. Plus, if the character is indeed going to be introduced in Spider-Man 3 before this solo outing, then his ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe could lead to the reveal that he's actually from Wakanda. That would be a neat twist to his the character's origin story.


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