Last 10 Oscar Hosts: Ranked From Worst To Best

You already know where James Franco is going to place.

It's been three weeks since Ellen DeGeneres charmed us all at the 86th Academy Awards and it now feels like the perfect time to evaluate her performance , along with all the other Oscar hosts of the last 10 years. See, back in 2004, there was the sense that the awards ceremony could use some new blood as the Academy essentially had three hosts on rotation - Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, and Steve Martin - for 15 years. By the 2000s, ratings for the ceremony were starting to drop and since 2005, producers have been trying to fix those ratings with 8 different hosts in 10 years. Naturally, this has lead to some very mixed results. Looking back, how did each of these hosts do? We've had our fair share of edgy comedians who've tried to push the envelope as well as crowd-pleasing entertainers who just wanted everyone to have a good time. Only a handful of these hosts, however, have managed to find the right formula in order to win over both the celebrities and viewers watching at home. The ceremony's producers have tried desperately to make the Academy Awards a must-watch event once again, but they can't seem to find their next Billy Crystal or Johnny Carson. Or, maybe they have and just don't realize it? Let's take a look at the list and see for ourselves, starting with...

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