Leaked Star Wars: The Force Awakens Image Reveals Young Luke Skywalker Actor

Luke almost appeared before the end of Episode 7.

Luke Skywalker

Star Wars fans got a glimpse of a slightly de-aged Luke in The Last Jedi, but it was still very clearly Mark Hamill. A new photo, however, reveals just what young Luke was going to look like in The Force Awakens.

Although he never made it into the movie, actor Robert Boulter was cast in the role of Luke Skywalker (as reported by Making Star Wars back in February 2015), playing the character in one brief but pivotal scene, rumoured to be a flashback.

Now we know that the scene in question was to happen during Rey's 'Forceback' sequence in Maz's Castle, when she is on Bespin at the time of Luke's duel with Darth Vader. The original plan would've had audiences actually see Luke, and a newly leaked image (via Reddit) reveals just what Boulter looks like.


He doesn't exactly look the double of Hamill - if anything, he looks much more like Hayden Christensen's Anakin - but it no doubt would've been fine for a few seconds he'd have been on screen. However, given the impact of Luke's appearance at the end, not to mention how much changed with regards to how the lightsaber fitted into The Force Awakens; plot, it's probably for the better that we didn't actually see him on screen before then.


What do you think of young Luke? Do you wish this had made it into The Force Awakens? Let us know down in the comments.

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