Star Wars

Revenge Of The Jedi

Star Wars: The Academy Reveals Rare Unseen REVENGE Of The Jedi Teaser

From the days before vengeance was a dirty word...
By Simon Gallagher
Director Krennic Rogue One

Star Wars: Rogue One Artwork Reveals Death Troopers And New AT-ATs

New Shore Troopers also revealed by Lucasfilm.
By Simon Gallagher
Snoke Star Wars

Star Wars: Snoke Was NEVER Going To Be Darth Plagueis

No matter how much fans complain about it...
By Simon Gallagher
Star Wars Title Leak

So It Looks Like The Stars Wars: Episode 8 Title Has Leaked

Serious spoiler time...
By Simon Gallagher
underkoffler motion control UI

9 New Technologies That Are A Sci-Fi Fan's Wet Dream

Not saying lightsabers... but maybe lightsabers.
By Stevie Shephard
Star Wars Land Falcon Yoda At-At

Disney's Star Wars Land: 10 Dream Attractions Fans Need To See

It's a beautiful time to be a Star Wars fan.
By Brian Wilson
Darth Vader Disneyland

New Star Wars Disneyland Park Will Invite You To Use The Force

You've got plenty of time to practice at home before its (probable) 2019 opening.
By Jen Gallie
Poe Dameron Star Wars Episode 8

Star Wars Episode VIII: "Everyone Gets Tested," Says Oscar Isaac

And we don't think he means they're going back to school.
By Ben Bussey
Star Wars Urban Legends Coke Nail

10 Most Notorious Star Wars Urban Legends

Separating fact from fiction in that galaxy far, far away.
By Jonathan Cordiner
Rey John Williams Star Wars

Star Wars: John Williams Basically Shoots Down Popular Rey Theory

"...You are NOT the father..."
By Simon Gallagher
Unfinished Films

8 Classic Movies That Were Released Unfinished

This film doesn't need a third act, does it?
By Alex Leadbeater
Star Wars The Force Awakens Kylo Ren

Star Wars Episode 8: Have Set Leaks Confirmed A Major Lightsaber Duel?

Kylo Ren's getting that crossguard out again.
By Andrew Dilks
star wars changes

10 Most Pointless Changes To The Star Wars Movies You Never Even Noticed

Forget Hayden Christensen's ghost - these are the real mistakes.
By Alex Leadbeater
star wars battlefront kylo ren

Star Wars Battlefront To Be Annual Franchise, Starting With Episode VII & VIII Content

That's EXACTLY how marketing works.
By Scott Tailford
SNOKE Plagueis.jpg

SERIOUSLY, Snoke Is Not Darth Plagueis (Now With Proof)

So says LucasFilm. Get over it.
By Simon Gallagher
Star Wars Han Solo.jpg

Star Wars: We Finally Have Our Young Han Solo

Behold, the next generation's scruffy little nerf herder...
By Simon Gallagher
Luke Sword.jpg

Star Wars: 14 Crazy Rumours Lucasfilm Started About The Empire Strikes Back In 1980

This is how pre-internet speculation worked.
By Alex Leadbeater
Star wars 1313

10 Awesome Cancelled Video Games From Famous Franchises

Couldn't we have gotten Star Wars 1313 instead of Battlefront?
By Robert Zak
Star Wars Lightsaber.jpg

The Most Accurate Lightsaber Replica Yet Can Be Yours (For $550)

No wonder Kylo Ren made his own.
By Alex Leadbeater
Star Wars May 4.jpg

May The 4th Be With You? Why It's Time To Retire Star Wars Day

The joke's not funny anymore.
By Alex Leadbeater
Star Wars.jpg

Prequel References Were Cut From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Maybe J.J. Abrams doesn't like The Phantom Menace...
By Alex Leadbeater
Millennium Falcon.jpg

Millennium Falcon Spotted On Star Wars Episode VIII Set

Leaked shots take us back to Ahch-To...
By Simon Gallagher
Darth Maul Death Blood

10 Reasons You’re Wrong About The Star Wars Prequels

Think the prequels are nothing but Bantha fodder? Think again.
By Alex Leadbeater
Star Wars Title.jpg

5 Potential Titles For Star Wars Episode VIII

The Force Hits Snooze?
By Alex Leadbeater
Star Wars Disney Own.jpg

12 Things Disney Want You To Forget About Star Wars

They didn't check the small print.
By Alex Leadbeater

Star Wars: Has Episode VIII's (Ridiculous) Plot Leaked Already?

Who is whose father now?
By Simon Gallagher
the legend of zelda wii u

14 Video Game Franchises That Will Never Die

Immortality, thy name is Pokémon.
By Richard John Dorricott
Star Wars Rogue One Lightsaber.jpg

Star Wars: Rogue One - 10 Simple Blunders That Would Ruin It

Oh, she's a Jedi now?
By Alex Leadbeater
Rey Star Wars The Force Awakens

J.J. Abrams Is Struggling To Keep Rey's Parents A Secret

They're not in Star Wars Episode VII... Oh wait, they are.
By Alex Leadbeater
C-3PO Arm Leg.jpg

5 Reasons Why It Doesn't Matter How C-3PO Got His Red Arm In Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Wait, what about his silver leg?
By Alex Leadbeater