LEGO Batman Movie: 75 Easter Eggs & References You Need To See

72. MacGuffin Airline

LEGO Batman Pilot
Warner Bros.

The film opens with a plane-jacking, just as The Dark Knight Rises did, but the gag here is that the plane has been chartered by "MacGuffin Airlines", referencing Alfred Hitchcock's term for a meaningless plot driver. Which is pretty much exactly what this opening sequence (and the bombs on the plane) turn out to be.

71. The Other Joker Plans

The Dark Knight Boats
Warner Bros.

When the Joker attempts to take over the plane, the pilot is mostly non-plussed, as he knows Batman will just foil Joker anyway so there's no real reason to be concerned. The following hilarious exchange occurs:

Pilot: Batman will stop you. He always stops you. Joker: No, he doesn’t. Pilot: What about that time with the two boats? Joker: This is better than the two boats… Trust me, Batman will never see this coming. Pilot: Like the time with the parade and the Prince music?

Those two nods are obviously to Heath Ledger's Joker plot in The Dark Knight that sees him trying to force Batman to choose between a boat full of convicts and one of innocent Gothamites, and to Jack Nicholson's famous Joker sequence set to Prince's "Trust" from Batman (1989)...

70. "Let's Get Nuts!"

You Wanna Get Nuts
Warner Bros.

Batman's ipod playlist for his ass-kicking of the Joker and his fellow rogues is called the "Let's Get Nuts Mix", in homage to Bruce Wayne's famous line from Batman '89...


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