The Lego Movie: 10 Moments Of Geek Heaven

We're not just trying to build this movie up - it really is that good.

The Lego Movie is quite genuinely one of the most all out enjoyable cinematic experiences in recent years; an animated film that caters for adults and children equally - providing laughs a plenty, tons of in-jokes and referential nods to the history of Lego, you can't help but leave the cinema with a big smile on your face and the "Everything Is Awesome" song stuck in your head for hours (or in my case, three days and counting). The Lego Movie is also one that is literally bursting with moments that will warm the inner cockles of any geek. From superheroes to wizards, spaceships to castles, cult movie in-jokes and nostalgic references to your childhood, this film has so many layers in its storytelling, it might possibly be able to out-geek the combined might of The Avengers and The Big Bang Theory. So please enjoy the following 10 moments of geek heaven that filled The Lego Movie... and if there's anything I might have missed... well, that's what comments section is for, of course.

10. The Master Builders

Let's start with the Master Builders in general; Lego figures that have the skill to build any contraption they want out of any piece of Lego. They represent that one friend of yours you had as a child that would build fantastic spaceships, castles and lairs without the need of that step-step instruction booklet you lost two weeks after opening your Lego box set. I'll cover some of these characters in more detail throughout the article, but to give you an idea of how geektastic they are, let's have a run-down of some of the main players. A Lego Justice League; Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash. Gandalf and Dumbledore side by side. Michelangelo the artist and Michelangelo the Ninja Turtle. Throw in Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare and Milhouse from The Simpson, and we're presented the most brilliant host of fictional characters and historical figures ever committed to film. All led by Morgan Freeman's "Merlin-meets Morpheus" Vitruvius. Only The Lego Movie has the balls to put such an unbelievable concoction of characters together on screen and the skill to pull it off. That's not to say the Master Builders are the only surprises to come. More on those later...

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