Leonardo DiCaprio: Ranking Every Performance From Worst To Best

We had your attention... but now we have your curiosity.

"Oscar... Oscar..." The words of a guy talking to his friend named Oscar, or is that the sound of Leonardo DiCaprio muttering in his sleep? Just kidding, Leo: WE LOVE YOU. After all, who would have thought that the floppy-haired rapscallion from that billion dollar boat movie would evolve into one of the most critically acclaimed, well-respected and downright beloved actors of his generation? Seriously. Ask around you. You'll be pretty hard pressed to find somebody in your immediate radius who doesn't think Leonardo DiCaprio is the bomb. So what is it about Leo that has allowed him to take his place at the top of the Hollywood pile? Is it the fact that he rarely puts in a bad performance? That he dedicates himself entirely to each and every role? That he isn't afraid to take risks, try new accents, and play a vast range of characters? Or maybe it's just that he's so darn charismatic, we just can't help ourselves. To celebrate the man that is Leonardo DiCaprio - and the fact that he might FINALLY get his Oscar this coming March - we've decided to rank his performances from worst to best. Like any actor who has appeared in more than 25 flicks, there are going to be some stinkers, of course... all of which have been highlighted here for your general amusement. Hey, nobody's perfect. Okay. Except for Leo. Leo might be perfect.

26. Richard - The Beach

Aside from being a massacre of its far superior source material, The Beach is a testament to Leonardo DiCaprio the non-actor. As Thailand-based backpacker Richard, Leo plays this way over the top, bizarrely chewing the scenery like it's going out of style - and the results are sort of cringeworthy to watch. He's just SHOUTING all the time, throwing tantrums and acting like a child. There's a reason he got a Razzie nom for this one, people. Because he was pretty darn awful.

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