Logan: 31 Easter Eggs & References You Must See

19. The Comics Storylines

Old Man Logan #9
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Though the film was initially presented as a loose adaptation of seminal comic arc Old Man Logan, there are no more than spiritual reference points for the most part. The trigger event that wiped out the X-Men is there but wholly changed, and Hawkeye has been swallowed up into Charles Xavier's character, but the integral road trip remains.

Beyond that, the references are a little more obscure. The international poster, for instance, shows Logan carrying X-23, in homage to the variant cover for Old Man Logan; Secret Wars tie-in by Gabriele Dell Otto...

Logan Posters

And as a more cheeky nod, when Caliban mentions that he knows that Wolverine's healing factor is slowing down, Logan's response might as well have been side around a tongue thrust firmly into his cheek:

Caliban: Something's happening to you, Logan. You're not healing.Logan: That's right. I'm an old man.

The film also seems to take major details from both Mutant Massacre and X-23 comic arcs of course (though the latter's use of Mr Sinister is replaced by Zander Rice and the Reavers).


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