Logan: 31 Easter Eggs & References You Must See

27. Alkali

X-Men Apocalypse Alkali Lake.jpg
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When he presents Logan with a business card (because apparently goons are terribly professional in this universe), Pierce reveals that he works for a company called Alkali, clearly named in honour of Alkali Lake, the site of Colonel Stryker's underground Weapon X facility. Presumably, this is now the acceptable public face of the company, which has taken advantage of anti-mutant public opinion to operate in the open.

That includes using the Reavers as a professional corporate security firm. They of course were a big part of the comics - a cyborg mercenary army led by Donald Pierce, whose metal arm and hand is a nod to him being 90% cyborg in the comics. Some of the other Reavers also show off links to their comic book counterparts, like machine gun arm augmentations.

One of the Reavers is also played by Polish-Canadian former MMA fighter Krzysztof Soszynski. He's the unfortunate soul who gets his head removed by Laura when she reveals her powers for the first time.


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