Logan: 7 Ups & 2 Downs From Trailer 2


7. Logan - Father Figure

Logan Trailer Wolverine
20th Century Fox

The Logan we've known since the beginning of the X-Men series has always been something of a lone wolf. Not really one for teamwork, leadership, or any kind of responsibility Logan is the enigmatic antihero incarnate.

Except now he has a daughter. Sort of.

Beginning with Logan chastising his cloned offspring for beating up a fully grown man, the trailer offers several glimpses into his developing relationship with X-23. Logan taking on the role of father-figure is one of the more unique aspects of this particular Wolverine outing and clearly our man Logan is pretty ill-equipped. Watching the stubborn soldier grow from dismissive loner to supportive father is sure to be at the centre of the story, and so far it looks equal parts amusing and touching.

If nothing else, Logan telling someone to be less violent should prove hilariously ironic.

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