Logan: 7 Ups & 2 Downs From Trailer 2

6. Logan & Xavier

Logan Trailer Professor X
20th Century Fox

One of the more supportive relationships in Logan's life has always been with Professor Xavier. Since his first day at the Xavier School for the Gifted the Professor has watched over Logan, assisting him in uncovering his past, offering him sage advice and generally looking out for him. The guidance is still present, but it looks like Xavier's the one who needs looking after now that the world has gone to Hell.

Frankly, Charles is looking pretty terrible. Frail and unwell, the eponymous leader needs help, especially without the use of his trusty motorised wheelchair. It seems not only will Logan have to adapt to fatherhood but he's become something of a carer as well.

Carer duties aside, the interplay between the two is as familiar as ever with Charles' directions hitting the wall that is Logan's lovable stubbornness. Their relationship has clearly evolved beyond student and teacher to two grumpy old men, and the exploration of that promises to be a delight.

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