Lord Of The Rings: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Orcs

8. The Orcs Were Not Permitted To Say Sauron's Name

Harvey Weinstein Gothmog orc Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King
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Anyone who's even slightly familiar with Lord of the Rings, will at least know Sauron was a bit of a megalomaniac, with sociopathic tendencies. But his obsession to dominate all the known world, also extended to his will to dominated even the speech of his followers. For whatever crazed reason, Sauron did not permit his servants to use his name.

When Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas hunt the orcs, who have taken Merry & Pippin, they discover several bodies with varying devices on their shields. Some have had a red eye painted on them, while others have an S rune. Gimli suggests the S must stand for Sauron, but Aragorn points out the orcs are not even permitted to use the runes of his name. This is what leads Aragorn to realise many of the orcs are from Isengard and not Mordor.

Throughout the books and even the films, the orcs only refer to Sauron as "The Eye" or the "The Great Eye". This unwillingness to use his name, was part of the confusion about whether Sauron had a body or not, as for the majority of the text, Tolkien referred to "The Eye" more often than to Sauron, directly.


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