Lord of the Rings Episode 1: The Search for Bilbo

Guillermo del Toro has told MTV this week that the search for Bilbo is now down to one actor and he expects to reveal the name in the upcoming weeks. I wonder if it's the same name he and Peter Jackson were said to have mutually agreed on over a year ago. My choice then and still now is relatively obscure British actor Martin Freeman whose career never quite took off the way you thought it might after The Office and then The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Post both productions which were high profile, he was straight back down to obscurity. hobbitfakeposter Lately I've been hearing a lot of support drumed up for Michael Sheen and I'm warming to that choice, very much actually. He's a better actor than Freeman and I'm pretty much sold on the fact he can play anyone, he certainly has the eyes and intensity of Ian Holm. Just doesn't quite look as much like him as Freeman does, but then that should never be the deal breaker. michael-sheen1 And it seems people still believe James McAvoy can do something with the character and I'm getting anxious that he hasn't won out a big role in a while. Brendon Connelly at /film puts Ewan McGregor out there but I can't believe the same person who played Obi-Wan Kenobi can play Bilbo Baggins. Maybe we'll found out at the Comic Con as Peter Jackson has just revealed his attendance to promote District 9 this year. As good as that movie looks, Jackson will have to come face to face with many questions on The Hobbit, Tintin and maybe even Halo first.

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