Lord Of The Rings Or X-Men Quiz: Who Said It - Gandalf Or Magneto?

Which Mckellen? The hero or villain?

New Line Cinema

Sir Ian McKellen is an absolute legend to acting on screen and has given us many memorable characters over his long career. Arguably the most famous of those come from different ends of a moral spectrum - one being the immortal god-like deity sent to Middle Earth in The Lord Of The Rings, and the other being the malevolent mutant manipulator of metal: Gandalf and Magneto.

But whether or not he is the guide to the good guys, providing a light to hold the evil at bay or the bringer of "the greater good" with very sinister methods, McKellen always has an exceptional performance that etches into the memory of audiences around the globe.

But how well do you know the Maia sent to Middle Earth and the metal moving mutant of Marvel? Can you tell which character said what?

Answers at the end!

1. “Peace Was Never An Option”


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