Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: 16 Easter Eggs, In-Jokes & References You Need To See

3. Sean Astin's Daughter Plays Sam's Daughter - The Return Of The King

In a case of a human being getting lucky and being cast in a small role in The Lord of the Rings because they're related to the actors or crew (which happened a lot), Sean Astin - who plays loveable hero Samwise Gamgee - can be glimpsed alongside his actual daughter in the very last scene of The Return of the King. That's right: when the film reveals Sam's family to us, it's Astin's daughter, Alexandra, who fills in the role of Elanor Gamgee. She's the one that runs towards Sam to deliver an almighty hug. What a lovely father/daughter moment, immortalised in the final shot of the one of the greatest movies ever made - about as awesome as life gets for a kid, surely?

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