Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: 16 Easter Eggs, In-Jokes & References You Need To See

8. "My Father Is A Noble Man..." - The Fellowship Of The Ring

A highly subtle reference here, but a noteworthy one because of the, uh, "intricate" wordplay. During the scene in which Aragorn and Boromir discuss the fate of Gondor in the extended edition version of The Lord of the Rings, then, Boromir can be heard to say:
"My father is a noble man. But his rule is failing, and our people lose faith."
This is interesting because the actor who plays Boromir's father, Denethor, is called John Noble. Get it? John Noble. A "noble man." Whether this was an accident or the result of a coincidence, it doesn't really matter: what matters is that the words match up, and you can impress people with your knowledge when you tell them this. Go forth!

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