Marvel Cinematic Universe: 10 Brainless Superhero Mistakes (That Got People Killed)

Thor The Destroyer The Marvel Cinematic Universe, like its comic counterpart, is full of wondrous beings with superhuman and even godlike powers. Which is all fine and good for them or their family and friends that they'll move heaven and earth to save€”the rest of the poor suckers existing in that universe might as well be wearing Star Trek red shirts with the collateral damage they often cause. It will be interesting to see how Agents of SHIELD addresses this as so far, they have taken a partial "real world" approach to showing how the emergence of The Avengers has affected the mere mortals who live among them. Let's take a look at some of the more egregious, mayhap brainless, offenses committed by these stalwart heroes.

10. Cap Follows Orders (Captain America: The First Avenger)

Captain America 1 In a departure from the comics, Steve Rogers doesn't immediately begin his career as Captain America, hero. He instead follows orders and becomes Captain America, propaganda tool for U.S. War Bonds. Now, I know Captain America is fiercely patriotic by definition, and feels compelled to follow orders from a superior officer no matter how asinine it is...but dude. You're Captain F'ing America! Did you really risk prison time trying to get into the Army and then go through the pain of Erskine's treatment just to rest on your laurels and punch out a fake Hitler? To hell with your orders! Go AWOL and hop the next plane to Europe and start kicking some Nazi ass! Thousands€”nay, millions€”of lives could have been saved if he just would have taken some initiative and started being the man he was destined to be instead of waiting for permission from his superiors. Ironically, disobeying orders is how propaganda tool Cap actually becomes real Cap in the movie by going in to save Bucky. So Cap obviously can disobey orders...he just doesn't soon enough. Why do I necessarily classify that as brainless? "Following orders" is the same excuse that many German soldiers who committed unspeakable atrocities used to justify their actions during World War II. Someone with Captain America's sense of honor should know that following orders is sometimes counterintuitive to what needs to be done. Which leads into...

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