Marvel Have Already Shown How X-Men Could Enter The MCU

Could the Terrigen Mists already have the answer?

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As the Disney-Fox merger nears completion, it's become apparent in recent weeks that Marvel Studios have the Fantastic Four and X-Men on their minds. Ant-Man and The Wasp director Peyton Reed spoke of his "dream" to direct a film about Marvel's first family just the other week, citing conversations within the halls of Marvel Studios that the ball could already be moving in that direction.

But while Reed, Johnny, Ben and Sue are all easy enough to introduce into the MCU, owing to the insular nature of their stories, the X-Men are a little bit more difficult.

As everyone is more than familiar with already, in the Marvel Universe, mutants live among the population. Gifted with extraordinary abilities during puberty, Marvel's metaphor for marginalised groups and liberation struggle works so effectively because these characters are born with these powers and changes; they didn't get them in an experiment on gamma rays, being bitten by a radioactive insect or while exploring space - it's who they are.

It's something the MCU hasn't made allowances for... or so we think. Though Wanda and Pietro Maximoff aren't mutants, or even have Magneto for a father, mutants can still be introduced into this world, and the MCU has already shown how to do it once before.

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