Masters Of The Universe Reboot: 5 Actors Who Could Play He-Man

Who is man enough to portray the saviour of Eternia?

For most of us He-Man personifies our childhood. "Hi my name's Adam, Prince of Eternia" - those opening lines still give millions of Generation X kids chills up their spines. And, as we reported earlier G.I. Joe 2 director Jon M Chu looks to have been handed the hopes and dreams and memories of an entire generation of kids and he holds them in the palm of his hand as he attempts to breath new life into the He-Man mythos. For his sake I hope he remembers that those kids have now grown up and some of them will be every bit as big and strong as He-Man. But with this news comes many pressing questions that need to be answered. What will the story be? Will this be as bad as the first effort in the mid 80s? Will Prince Adam have a better disguise than he did when we were kids? Will KFC feature as prominently as it did in the first movie? Will anyone allow a character named Fisto to appear in a movie that kids might see? Firstly though we need to ask just who is man enough to portray the saviour of Eternia, the manliest man to ever wear just underpants in a fight? Let's have a look at a few possible candidates (in no particular order), y'know just in case Mr Lundgren is busy.

1. Josh Holloway

He has the body. He has the looks. He has the swishy girly hair. In Lost his look was completely altered when he needed to wear glasses so he could even play the less heroic Adam, if indeed they bother with the alter ego (they should). Holloway reportedly turned down a role in X-Men 3 because he felt the character of Gambit was too close to his character in Lost. There's no way he'd be feeling type cast here though if he played a loin cloth wearing, green tiger riding, magical sword wielding piece of guy candy. The only downside to casting Josh Holloway is that pesky accent, but damnit the man's an actor it's his job to pretend.

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