Masters Of The Universe Reboot: 5 Key Villains That Should Be Considered

5 unforgettable He-Man villains who could make the Prince of Eternia's life hell in the reboot.

WhatCulture! was pleased to report earlier this week that a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe reboot is on the cards with Jon M Chu (Step Up 2, Justin Bieber Never Say Never) slated to direct. We still aren't sure about the director but we are just happy that after countless years of teasing, progress is seemingly being made on this adaptation. We have also had a look into our crystal ball to see just who we think would be the best choices to play the Prince of Eternia on the big screen and now it's the turn of the villains. So, assuming this is a standalone movie (at least initially) who do we think should be causing problems for He-Man and his Masters of the Underpants ... we mean Universe.

5. Shadow Weaver

A hooded, evil jezebel best known for her allegiance with Hordak. Shadow Weaver, whose real name is Beatrix Light Spinner, is an extremely powerful sorceress and a trusted member of The Horde. Shadow Weaver originated in the She-Ra stories but has on occasion worked alongside Skeletor even at the expense of her beloved Hordak. Despite her betrayals over the years, Weaver is kept around due to her ability to possess the innocent and make them do her bidding. Never was this more obvious than when she kidnapped Princess Adora as a child and turned her evil. Eventually Adora would break free and become the woman we now know as She-Ra, but imagine what this evil, cloaked witch could do to someone with the power of He-Man under her spell?

4. Beast Man

Beast Man actually appeared in the original Masters of the Universe movie, but looked more like an ugly bear than his hilarious ginger monster counterpart on the animated series. Sure, Beast Man would need to be a little less cartoonish if the film is to be taken seriously but he's an essential villain and Skeletor's usual whipping boy. Beast Man's main strengths are his ridiculous bestial strength and agility as well as his ability to control the many animals of Eternia and turn them to the dark side as minions to Skeletor's army.

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