Mayan Apocalypse: 4 Deadly Warnings And How To Survive

4 bleak outlooks of what’s to come in 2012 and what, if anything, you can do to mitigate your own demise...

Thousands of years ago, in the dense and fertile forests of South America, a tribe of Mayan elders (possibly under the influence of some potent local flora) experienced what could only be described as an epiphany- one that foretold the end of our worldly existence on the 21st December 2012. Since they knew this to be certain fact, and as a means to warn future generations, they saw no need to allow their calendar to run beyond that date, and quickly scribbled it down on their tablets (the true 1st generation iPad) for the world to remember. Well, that of course is what the doomsday prophesisers would have you believe, but there€™s a problem. Quite simply, the calendars can be tricky to understand- people first believed the evidence pointed to the 90€™s, then 2003, and now 2012. Unfortunately, the prediction is yet again wrong (generally to do with the fact there€™s actually 14 solar star signs rather than the 12 we€™re usually familiar with) and the true date of our extinction is Friday 13th April 2029 (thanks to our good friendly neighbourhood Asteroid €˜99942 Apophis€™ coming straight for us). Despite this being absolute, categorical, undeniable scientific fact (unless it misses us) , fears of an apocalypse during 2012 prevail€ It€™s a big year; already down in history as the year humans proved the existence of the Higgs field, James Cameron€™s exploration of the deep, and the truth revealed of Tulsa€™s incompetence in the finer deeds of life. Hopefully there€™s plenty more to look forward to, so here, thanks to those creative types in Hollywood, we take a look at 4 (to keep the numerologists happy) bleak outlooks of what€™s to come in 2012 and what, if anything, you can do to mitigate your own demise€..
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