MCU: 10 Comic Book Characters That Could Be Introduced In Deadpool 3

Wolverine isn't the only one showing up...

Deadpool Mr Sinister
Disney/Marvel Comics

With Wolverine biting the dust at the end of Logan, it looked like Hugh Jackman had hung up the claws once and for all. But with the Aussie star set to reprise his most famous role in Deadpool 3, we'll finally get to see the Ol' Canucklehead team up with the Merc' With the Mouth (X-Men Origins: Wolverine doesn't count).

Even though this news has got the whole comic community buzzing, this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Because the threequel will serve as Wade Wilson's introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can expect Deadpool 3 to hit us with everything but the kitchen sink.

Not only should we get another hilarious story (which is sure to poke fun at Deadpool being owned by Disney), we're guaranteed to see more iconic characters being implemented into the MCU.

So, who's it going to be? Will Mister Sinister finally show up? Can we see our two Canadian superheroes face off against Omega Red? Will The Deadpool Corps make an appearance? Although nothing is guaranteed (especially with how zany the property is), here are ten characters who have a good chance at popping up in Deadpool 3.

10. T-Ray

Deadpool Mr Sinister
Marvel Comics

It’s surprising T-Ray has yet to appear in a Deadpool movie since he's often regarded as Wade Wilson's nemesis. However, what makes T-Ray more interesting is his connection to Wade's past, which has been barely touched upon in the movies.

But T-Ray doesn't just know Wade Wilson - according to him, he is Wade Wilson. He claims he met Deadpool (who T-Ray calls "Jack") years ago while he was hiding from the authorities.

To avoid being arrested, "Jack" stole the Wade Wilson identity from T-Ray and left him for dead. Although T-Ray survived, his wife didn't. Desperate for vengeance, T-Ray vowed to dedicate every waking hour to destroy the man who stole his name.

Because Deadpool and T-Ray are nuts, it's impossible to corroborate this story, meaning we don't know who's telling the truth. Either way, it would be interesting to bring T-Ray into Deadpool 3, since it would allow us to get a glimpse of Wade's early life.

It's also worth mentioning T-Ray can break the fourth wall like Deadpool, meaning he can speak to the audience. If this idea was implemented into the film, it would be funny to see two characters fighting over who gets to talk to the viewers.

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