MCU: 10 Comic Book Characters That Could Be Introduced In Deadpool 3

9. Solo

Deadpool Mr Sinister
Marvel Comics

While Deadpool's rep as a mercenary was at its peak, a teleporting hitman called Solo began impersonating him so he could charge his clients a higher fee. When Deadpool learned of this, you'd assume he would furious. On the contrary, Deadpool was so impressed by Solo's deception, he invited him to join his new team - Mercs for Money.

By incorporating elements from this storyline into Deadpool 3, we could see Solo and the Mercs for Money members, such as Machine Man, Stingray, Masacre, Slapstick, and Gorilla Man. It would also be entertaining to watch Deadpool try (and fail) to franchise his mercenary squad Disney-style.

Also, the opening scene in X-Men 2 and the climax of Avengers: Endgame irrefutably proves that everyone loves superheroes who can teleport. By bringing in a teleporting character like Solo in Deadpool 3, we could see a lot of amazing and hilarious action sequences.

Another reason why Solo would be a nice addition is because he's a really easy target for ridicule in Wade's eyes. Considering he's a trained thespian who took part in multiple Shakespeare competitons (and won), Deadpool is sure to rip the piss out of Solo at any given opportunity.

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