MCU: 10 Most Anticipated Characters Not Yet Introduced In Phase 4

Marvel's future definitely looks promising in the hands of these characters.

Fantastic Four MCU
Disney/Marvel Comics

After a near two-year absence, the MCU roared back onto screens both big and small with the advent of Phase 4. It has established itself to be an interesting exercise so far, as it has existing characters deal with the fallout of the Infinity Saga as well as introduce new faces to the fold.

The latter has seen wonderful newbies such as Yelena Belova and Wenwu get their time in the sun, and suggests the MCU's dominance on pop culture is yet to waver. This is especially true as its recent efforts (flaws and all) have been fairly diverse in their storytelling compared to earlier phases.

2022 and beyond will see the gargantuan franchise double down on its ambitions, and introduce new worlds, concepts and characters. From relatives of already established heroes, to heirs apparent of fallen ones, and re-imaginings of a certain super-powered quartet, Phase 4 of the MCU is bound to have new icons in no time.

Note that this article will not feature characters who are merely rumoured to appear (at this point in time), or those whose introduction may happen in later phases.

10. The Doctor Strange Variant

Fantastic Four MCU
Marvel Studios

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is all but guaranteed to shake up the landscape of the MCU due to its inter-universal exploits. Due to this, it is possible that audiences will see variants of already established characters, and this is already the case with the eponymous Strange.

Seen at the end of the first teaser for Multiverse of Madness, the Strange variant already comes off as menacing and corrupted, and should be an interesting foil to the main timeline's Master of the Mystic Arts.

Based off what Marvel did with the character in What If...?, it is safe to say that this variant will have all of the impact of his animated counterpart, and possibly none of his regret, making him even more of a threat.

In addition to this, seeing Benedict Cumberbatch inhabit two very different versions of the same character and have them play off each other will make for compelling and entertaining cinema come May.


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