MCU: 10 Sneaky CGI Moments You Probably Didn't Notice

Who knew that Captain Marvel was the MCU's first bald superhero...

Marvel Studios

Over the last few years, the conversation surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe's CGI has changed significantly, with more and more people starting to accuse it of becoming worse.

This is mainly due to a few poor examples (like the final fight in Black Panther) that stand out above all the excellent stuff, because, as humans, we're wired in this odd way that makes us more vocal when something is bad, rather than when something is done well. It also doesn't help that the series is relying on CGI more and more these days, which inherently makes the digital stuff much more noticeable than ever before.

On the whole though, the MCU's visual effects definitely aren't getting worse, and Marvel Studios has done some of its very best work in the last few movies, especially when it comes to those more subtle CGI details that you probably didn't even spot.

While the big battle sequences and intergalactic environments are a joy to behold, it's the small stuff - from Thor's costume to Captain Marvel's hair, and the subtraction of a few wrinkles here and there - that truly shines.


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