MCU: 10 Sneaky CGI Moments You Probably Didn't Notice

10. The Visor Of Ant-Man's Helmet (Ant-Man)


Much like every other superhero in the franchise, Ant-Man has a physical on-set costume that Paul Rudd and his stunt doubles can use for their scenes. But the costume as it appears while filming can sometimes look different to the one we see in the final product, as was the case with this example from Ant-Man's debut film.

For the most part, the on-set Ant-Man costume is exactly the same as it is on the big screen, including the slight honeycomb pattern on the red chest parts, and all the black lines and other additional details. His helmet, however, isn't all that it seems.

While the bit that covers the bulk of his head is real, the actual visor has been added in as an extra in post-production - in certain shots from the film, at least (an example can be found at 1:20 in the video below).

A complete physical version of the Ant-Man suit (visor and all) does exist somewhere, so the helmet won't be digitally created in all cases - just whenever the filmmakers deem it necessary.


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