MCU: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Vibranium

The lesser known facts behind Marvel's most famous substance.

Avengers Endgame Captain America destroyed shield

One cannot navigate the vast expanse of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the comics that inspired it without coming across vibranium in one form or another. From Captain America's iconic shield to the arm of the Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes, vibranium has been popping up onscreen since the very early stages of the MCU.

There's a reason behind that.

Fans of the MCU will now be more than aware of vibranium's incredible capabilities after seeing them demonstrated in glorious detail in many of the franchise's more dramatic showdowns. Whether it be Falcon soaring through the sky in his new suit, or bullets literally bouncing off Black Panther, the incredible uses and properties of vibranium have been on display in Marvel films and comics for years.

However, considering that it debuted in the comics in 1966, it's hardly surprising that even the most die hard of Marvel fans may have forgotten some of the more obscure facts about the world's toughest metal. Hardly surprising considering the explosive fanfare that accompanies Marvel films, so strap in for a refresher course.

10. Vibranium Arrived On Earth In A Meteor

Avengers Endgame Captain America destroyed shield

Appearing with a bang, vibranium first arrived on the planet 2.5 million years ago, contained within a meteorite that landed in a small region in Africa. The meteor had a peculiar and welcome effect on the ecosystem it landed in; in a mysterious turn of events, the soil and plant life in the region suddenly exploded with fertility.

As time passed and man eventually evolved on the continent, five tribes made their way to the area and made it their home. Marvel fans will know instantly that this sequence describes the birth of the country of Wakanda, which would become home to the infamous Avenger, Black Panther.

While on Earth, vibranium is most closely associated with Wakanda for obvious reasons; the Wakandans possess and guard the planet's vibranium supply. Despite this, the fact that vibranium arrived from outer space means that it is originally an extra-terrestrial material - a theory that has already been confirmed in a edition of the comics featuring Captain Marvel.


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