MCU: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Vibranium

9. Another Version Of Vibranium Exists In Antarctica

Avengers Endgame Captain America destroyed shield
Wikimedia Commons

In the Marvel comics, the first instance of vibranium being discovered by humans took place in Antarctica.

However, this version of vibranium bore a key difference to that of the vibranium Marvel fans have become familiar with. Showing up for the first time in a 1966 edition of Daredevil, it does not manipulate kinetic energy. Instead this version of vibranium dissolves other metals; earning it the appropriate name of Anti-Metal as it possesses the ability to cut through any metal.

Anti-Metal is discovered in a region of Antarctica dubbed The Savage Land. This bizarre region was created 200 million years ago by the Nuwali, an ancient group of aliens that advanced to advanced levels of technology millions of years before most species were learning to rub twigs together to make fire. The Savage Land is a separate contained ecosystem within Antarctica, a tropical landscape circled by volcanoes and inhabited by dinosaurs and humanoid creatures dubbed Man-Apes.

This mind-blowing location is discovered by explorer Robert Plunder; his sons Kevin and Parnival go on to become the superhero Ka-Zar and cunning Daredevil foe The Plunderer respectively in the comics.


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