MCU: 10 Truly Insane Crossovers We Need To See

Phase 4 is about to get very, very weird.

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It's finally happened. Loki opened the lid of the veritable Pandora's box of multiverse madness and the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer delivered some promised crossover goodness. With the appearance of Alfred Molina's Doc Ock in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the possibilities for gloriously-gonzo crossovers from all corners of Marvel's media empire are tantalizingly possible.

Marvel began all the way back in 1939, when the venerable Stan Lee was just a young lad of 16, hired by his cousin-in-law as an office assistant for Timely Comics.

Lee's ability to fire off stories in every genre quickly shot him to the top of what would become Marvel Comics. In the proceeding eight decades, Lee built a cultural behemoth, one that reached into virtually every kind of medium.

There's a massive back catalogue of games, comics, and movies associated with the Marvel imprint and, now that the multiverse has blown the doors wide open, the MCU can draw from any one of these sources to unite fan-favorite properties.

The possibilities are limitless. Any delirious crossover ever imagined in the fever dreams of fans can now come true. Wildly-entertaining team-ups are just around the corner so its time to theorize on what Marvel might deliver.

10. What If ... The What If Characters Show Up In The Movies?

blade wesley snipes mahershala ali
Marvel Studios

Marvel wasted no time exploring the possibilities of the multiverse established in Loki with its animated series What If...? showing fans what things might have looked like if Peggy Carter took up Cap's shield instead of Steve Rogers to become Captain Britain.

Next, they showed us how T'Challa would handle the Star-lord mantle instead of Peter Quill. These multiverse inspired switcheroos are the things geek dreams are made of, encouraging diehards to imagine their own mix-and-match scenarios involving their favorite characters.

While these episodes delivered entertaining diversions to give hardcore fans something to debate amongst themselves, what if... these characters didn't just remain one-offs?

What if they crossed the threshold from animation to live action to give a hand to Earth's Mightiest Heroes in their inevitable confrontation with Kang the Conqueror? Could T'Challa and Quill have a dance off to see whose most deserving of the Star Lord mantle?

Could Captain Carter arm wrestle Rogers for the title of strongest super soldier?

An idea like that would seem totally impossible pre-Loki, but, now that variants abound in the MCU, literally nothing is off the table. The title of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness promises madness and this might be one of the most mad ideas marvel could conjure up.

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