MCU: 12 Things You Learn Rewatching Thor: Ragnarok

All laughs, no drama.

Thor Ragnarok
Marvel Studios

Avengers: Infinity War is practically here - the largely rapturous reviews are even out now - but ahead of Thanos' arrival, our series of rewatching every single Marvel Cinematic Universe movie wraps up with the series' penultimate joint, Thor: Ragnarok.

Released last October, Ragnarok served as a major step-up for the Thor franchise, earning far stronger praise than either of its predecessors - generally deemed to be on the lower end of the MCU's output - while a $854 million box office cemented the Asgardian as a franchise A-lister.

Marvel Studios' smartest move here was hiring indie filmmaker Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows) to helm the project, bringing with him an eccentric, off-kilter filmmaking style and tone far away from anything else in the MCU. That his voice was able to flourish amid the demands of such fiercely controlled studio filmmaking is, honestly, miraculous.

The movie sure isn't perfect - something that becomes far more abundant upon rewatching - but it's one of the MCU's funniest efforts to date, and brings something totally different to the table...


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