MCU: 13 Things You Learn Rewatching Ant-Man

Paul Rudd is God, basically.

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It's way too easy for some to dismiss Ant-Man as one of the slightest movies in the MCU, but its achievements were in fact relatively monumental. In the wake of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Peyton Reed's Paul Rudd-led picture completely changed up the tone of the franchise, experimented with a whole new genre (the heist flick) and took the scale back down.

It was still a superhero movie with world-changing stakes, but it felt far removed from the bombast of Age Of Ultron and it really should be commended for the bravery. Particularly given the fact that it was dumped into a slightly unforgiving release slot after an Avengers main event. It worked so well, in fact, that they've gone and done the same thing again with Infinity War and its sequel.

Ant-Man is a triumph of heart, stunning visuals and innovative spectacle and it deserves far more praise than it ever seems to inspire. Do yourself a favour and rewatch it again ahead of Infinity War and the upcoming sequel.

So what did we learn rewatching the MCU's first heist movie?

13. Young Michael Douglas CGI Is Breathtaking

Michael Douglas Ant-Man
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Considering how awful - or at least completely jarring - the CGI renders of characters were in Rogue One (particularly when they de-aged Carrie Fisher for the finale), the effects work behind de-aging Michael Douglas for the opening sequence is simply incredible.

There's no lifelessness (often full renders have a habit of being "waxy") and it's completely convincing that we're looking at a young Douglas. Far more convincing, in fact, than the makeup that went into ageing Hayley Atwell up. Sometimes, practical isn't best.

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