MCU: 15 Majorly Dumb Plot Holes You Never Noticed

14. The Spider-Sense - Spider-Man: Homecoming

MCU Broken BiFrost
Marvel Studios

According to Spider-Man, his most crucial superpower is his spider-sense, which preemptively warns him when he is in danger. It doesn't matter how strong or how fast he is - if he stabbed or shot once, that could spell the end for Spidey. It cannot be stressed enough how many times his spider-sense has been directly responsible for saving his life throughout his career as a crimefighter.

Having said that, Spider-Man: Homecoming constantly forgets the wall-crawler possesses this trait. How did the Vulture catch Spider-Man off-guard upon their first encounter? How come the web-slinger couldn't tell the Shocker was going to attack him in the school parking lot? When Peter Parker catches Vulture in his lair, why can't he tell the supervillain is setting him up for a trap?

Of course, the real reason this happens is because the film would lack tension if Spider-Man was never in danger. However, it still doesn't make sense when the writers seem to forget Spider-Man's most important power. It would be like watching a Superman film where the Man of Steel suddenly forgets he can fly.


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