MCU: 5 Most Likely Roles For Captain America's Return

4. Spider-Man 3

Captain America Infinity War
Marvel Studios

The Spider-Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been portrayed as much younger than his two predecessors, and with a whole host of characters to utilise, Marvel Studios have given him a mentor in each of his first two movies.

In Homecoming it was Tony Stark, in Far From Home it was Nick Fury, and it wouldn't be surprising if Jon Watts employed another character to for Peter to look up to to complete the trilogy. Just because Captain America may not be in the right physical condition to make a huge difference on any battlefield, he still has so much that he could pass down to the young Peter Parker.

Cap already indirectly taught Peter in his gym class, and lectured him when he was put in detention, but in the third installment of the trilogy he could help his fellow Avenger in a much more substantial way.

Thanks to the persecution he is likely to face after his true identity was revealed, Peter could certainly use some advice from Steve to keep him on the right path, and reassure him that he is fighting the right fight. The two have always shared their New York based bond, and since Spidey already took a play from Cap's book while fighting Mysterio, why not have him learn a lot more?


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