MCU: Can Secret Invasion Still Happen After Captain Marvel?

3. The Skrulls In Captain Marvel Don't Fit Secret Invasion

Captain Marvel The Skrulls

Had the Skrulls been as the initially seemed, then they'd have been a perfect fit for a Secret Invasion storyline. They're dangerous, they're going up against the main hero - even going so far as to capturing and running tests on her - and that's before they even get to Earth. Once they do arrive on our planet, they immediately set about taking on new guises - since, well, being green-skinned aliens would make them stand out - and then head for S.H.I.E.L.D, instantly being able to infiltrate a hugely important arm of the government, and at a high-level too.

There, in just half of the movie, is an example of what the Skrulls can do, and it's easy to imagine it happening on a much larger scale over time. And then comes the twist: the Skrulls aren't actually the bad guys at all; they're refugees. They've been driven from their home by the Kree, and all they're looking for is a new world. The faction we see, at least, simply want to live in peace.

Talos, in particular, becomes a compelling character who we really want to root for. He's not only hilarious, but a real family man who cares deeply for his people and wants to ensure their safety and survival. We're both empathetic and sympathetic to their cause and plight, which means we wouldn't be able to buy them attempting to take over Earth. The Skrulls we see in Captain Marvel are seemingly decent folk, and are now actively being helped by Carol Danvers too, so it suddenly shift them into a Secret Invasion angle would be far too jarring and go against what we see in this movie.


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