MCU: Every Captain America Appearance Ranked Worst To Best

7. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Captain America MCU
Marvel Studios

In 2017, Steve Rogers made a surprise appearance in - of all things - a series of PSAs at Peter Parker's school in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the implication being that he shot them sometime after the events of The Avengers, possibly even as a favor to Principal Morita, a descendant of one of Cap's Howling Commando buddies, Jim Morita.

From a fitness training video to a detention video to the infamous post-credits scene about patience, they're all gold. It's a fun way to indirectly include Cap in Homecoming in a way that made sense, as it just feels like something the character (at the time) would do for the sake of modern youth.

Like his cameo in The Dark World, Chris Evans was clearly having fun doing it, and even though it doesn't have impact his overall place in the MCU, the PSAs were a more than welcome, light-hearted inclusion. (And there are even more than weren't included in the movie itself, which you can view here.)


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