MCU Phase 4: 10 Biggest Mysteries (So Far)

8. Where Is White Vision?

Shang Chi Ten Rings
Marvel Studios

Oh, Paul Bettany. You little Rascal, you. After teasing us with some mystery actor in the WandaVision finale, we were given... well... Paul Bettany. After the initial disappointment subsided, though, the White Vision angle was pretty cool. They fought, had a philosophical debate about the metaphysics of identity, and then - after having Westview Vision unlock his memories - White Vision yeeted himself through a glass ceiling and zipped off into the sky.

There is absolutely no way that Marvel will leave this thread unattended. One of its most powerful characters - or a version of him, at least - is still out there flying around, probably thinking about ships and stuff. So where might we see him again? Because rest assured, we will see him again.

One possibility is Armor Wars, the forthcoming Disney+ series about War Machine. The series will explore what happens when Tony Stark's weaponry falls into the wrong hands. While he's not Tony Stark's creation, per se, Tony did have a hand in creating the original's mind and memories. Plus, like Hayward said, he's the world's most powerful sentient weapon. If there's an arms race in the MCU's future, he'd most likely be at the center of it.


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