MCU Phase 4: 10 Dead Characters Who Could Return

Some of these great characters were taken from us far too soon...

Marvel Studios

Death hasn’t always been permanent in the MCU. Either by flashback, resurrection or reversing the snap, many previous characters have returned from the dead.

The series has upwards of 100 named characters these days, and while some are only good for one scene, others are strong enough to carry several movies. There’s also a few who have gone a bit too soon and certainly have more to give.

Endgame felt like the end of an era, with the future open and full of possibilities. Wherever the MCU wants to go next, there’s definitely a way for them to figure it out. There’s a whole host of great characters no longer with us who may yet return to our screens.

As well as Endgame, the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer has teased the existence of multiverses, giving even more opportunity for formerly deceased characters to return.

The MCU has always been great at forging onwards and adding more and more great characters from the massive wealth of source material available, but there’s still a fair few former characters who are due a reappearance in the coming movies.


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