MCU Phase 4: 10 Mind-Blowing Secrets & Theories You Need To Know

Could the Dark Avengers be coming to the MCU?


The MCU is one of the most popular fanbases around with an incredibly active and dedicated fan base. With that comes a heap of theories about what exactly will be coming next, and some of them are far too good to miss. There's way more than ten out there, so this lot are a collection of some of the most diverse, the most likely, and the most outlandish, all baked together in a cherry theory pie.

Though Phase 3 technically ended with Spider-Man: Far From Home, that was more of an epilogue to the whole adventure. A pick-me-up palette cleanser. The real ending was the one two sucker punch of Infinity War and Endgame, which drew a line under the Infinity Saga full stop.

The MCU enters Phase 4 unburdened by too many central arcs, ready to start again fresh. The possibilities are practically endless, as these theories prove. Moving forward, they'll have to do something special to top Endgame, but fans have every faith.

With the acquisition of the Fox properties, the MCU has an even wider span than before. While some theories focus on this, others are much closer to home.


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