MCU Phase 4 & 5: Every Confirmed (And Teased) Project Ranked By Hype

A SPIDER, mutants, sequels and the return of some beloved MCU characters...

Marvel Phase 4 & 5
Marvel Studios

UPDATE: Now with added Spider-Man!!!

While it's hard not to look back on the first decade of the MCU with rose-tinted fondness, we're standing on the precipice of a brave, strange new Iron Man-less, Steve Rogers-less world and it's time to welcome it with open arms. Sure, new might sometimes be scary, but for the MCU, the next steps will also come with some incredibly exciting projects and enticing new directions.

We're about to see a whole new raft of brand new characters streaming in, the return of some fan favourites (even from beyond the grave) and more new settings (both in time and place) than the MCU has seen before. There'll be new species of hero, new genres of film and a new world of Disney+ TV shows that will actually be tied into the big screen releases too.

It's all very exciting, but what comes top of the considerable pile for hype right now...?

21. What If...?

Peggy Carter Captain Britain What If?
Marvel Studios

Release: Mid 2021

Nobody is saying that What If...? doesn't have a lot of potential or that some of the stories that we already know about - like Peggy Carter being Captain Britain or T'Challa as Star-Lord - aren't compelling as ideas, but an animated series is always going to be less hyped than the live action output.

To give Marvel Studios their due credit on this one, they've pulled in lots of great existing cast members - some of whom we didn't think we'd see in the MCU again - and Jeffrey Wright's casting as the narrator/overseeing Watcher is inspired. It'll definitely be watched, that's for certain, but it's the safest of the entire lot and definitely the one most likely to be missed.

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