MCU Phase 4: Predicting Every Major Character That Will Join

With a brand new era of the MCU on the horizon, what characters should be the first to join?

Marvel Studios Moon Knight Nova

Avengers: Infinity War has come and gone, and already it's time to think of what comes next.

In the run up to the film's release MCU architect Kevin Feige spoke of multiple Marvel characters who could soon make the leap to live-action. Genres, heroes and villains were all spoken of glowingly, and with the MCU set for its most dramatic shake-up yet, fresh faces are sure to follow.

How and when they come is another question altogether, but they are coming. And while we're in the fortunate position of actually struggling to think of who could actually join next, with so many bases already covered across TV and film, there are still a few key characters yet to receive their full cinematic bow.

Whether or not they join in Phase 4, 5, or even beyond doesn't matter too much, but they key thing to remember is that Marvel's flagship franchise is undergoing an immense period of change. Even if Infinity War fails to follow through with its devastating climax, it's clear that Avengers 4 will mark the final appearance for some of Marvel's most familiar faces - Captain America and Iron Man the two most obvious examples.

But who, out of Marvel's remaining ranks, could make the leap to live-action next?

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