MCU: What Every Major Villain ALMOST Looked Like

The villains we COULD have seen...

MCU Villains Concepts
Marvel Studios

It's always interesting to look back on the first ten years of the MCU and wonder what might have happened if Kevin Feige had taken slightly different turns. What would Patty Jenkins' Thor 2 have looked like? What would Iron Man have been had Tom Cruise stayed in the title role or if Joaquin Phoenix had got Doctor Strange? Hell, what would Avengers: Age Of Ultron looked like if Marvel hadn't interfered so much it made Joss Whedon swear off working with them?

And despite the repeated mantra that every minute detail in the MCU is precisely planned and mapped out for what it will mean to future movies from very early on, we do know that the franchise might have looked very different for those different directions.

Whole ideas were scrapped, directors were changed and entire scenes and characters that were planned at one point simply never made it to the screen. Even the characters who did manage to escape the cutting room ended up looking significantly different to how the franchise's concept artists initially planned.

We've already looked at what the MCU heroes could have looked like, and now it's time to go bad to look at what every major villain MCU might have looked like...


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