Megan Ellison Wins Battle For THE TERMINATOR Rights

As we reported just a short while ago the fight for the rights to The Terminator franchise was down to two, Lionsgate and Megan Ellison/Annapurna films. Now comes news from Deadline that Ellison has won the race to produce 'at least two more' films in the franchise and that Fast five director Justin Lin is now officially attached to direct the first, probably as his next feature. "The expectation is the Skynet storyline will be wrapped up in two features", we are told. Expect things to move very swiftly on this. A distributor will not take long to be secured and with all parties willing, including Arnold Schwarzenegger do not be surprised if we get further news soon, possibly from the Croisette in the next week or so where deals are being done all over the shop.

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