Michael Jai White to Gamble in The Dark Knight

Spawn actor Michael Jai White has won the part of the mob boss Gamble in the currently filming (actually they are taking a day off today with it being July 4th, but whatever) Batman flick The Dark Knight. This is the mysterious role that actor/rapper David Banner auditioned for in May 2007, but unfortunately for him he didn't get it. I say mysterious because this character never appeared in the comic book canon of Batman, but MTV have got hold of some details...

"...the role of "Gamble" has officially gone to Michael Jai White, the muscular martial artist/stuntman/actor best known for roles in such films as "Spawn" and "Exit Wounds." Thomas and Roven also cleared up fan confusion over who, exactly, the baddie is, explaining that Gamble is one of several mob bosses attempting to take over Gotham's streets now that Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson in the first 'Batman' flick) is out of the picture."
Ok that's cool and everything but I thought Tom Wilkinson did a great job as the mob boss Carmine Falcone in Batman Begins, as did the rest of the supporting cast. I want to see more of the character and I was really hoping to see the rival gangster war between the Falcone family and the Maroni (Sal Maroni is to be played by Eric Roberts) family just as it is in The Long Halloween graphic novel. This news would seem to put a dent in all that but I wouldn't 100% rule out a last act appearance from Falcone as the gang war spirals to it's highest point or maybe even a return for the character in the third film. Simply put, I hope we haven't seen the last of Carmine Falcone. source - coming soon

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