Morbius: 21 WTF Moments

Breaking down the dumbest superhero film in years.

Morbius Jared Leto

Morbius' long journey to the big screen is finally over, and it won't shock many to learn that the early response from critics has been, uh, not good, to say the least.

With many dubbing it one of the worst superhero films of the last decade - if not longer - Morbius is a real head-scratcher in many respects, but at least one that gives fans of trash cinema plenty to chew on.

This is a film rife with utterly bizarre creative decisions from start to finish, such that it's difficult to picture why Sony signed off on such a dreadful, misguided script in the first place.

Beyond that, its attempts to set up a cinematic future for The Living Vampire also fall massively flat, as is sure to dominate the film's discourse over the coming weeks.

While Morbius isn't quite loony enough to endure as a so-bad-it's-good classic, there are just enough oddball moments throughout to ensure that its 104-minute runtime passes quickly enough.

If a film can't be good, it can at least be weird, and Morbius certainly doesn't leave audiences wanting for strangeness...

21. The Painfully Boring Opening Flashback

Morbius Jared Leto

Morbius' opening scene is followed up by a dreadfully dull flashback that well and truly lets audiences know what kind of movie they're in for.

Set in Greece 25 years ago, the scene introduces us to a young Michael Morbius (Charlie Shotwell) and a new fellow patient, Lucien (Joseph Esson), who suffers from the same rare blood disorder. The pair are cared for by their surrogate father, Dr. Nicholas (Jared Harris).

It's a painfully clumsy, generic flashback that sets up the rest of the film, drowning the audience in sentimental expository dialogue while showing the physical torment Michael suffers from bullies.

We also get to observe his young genius when he manages to fix Milo's broken blood pump, in turn saving his life.

And as if to somehow justify the Greek setting, the pair refer to themselves as Spartans, which gets a goofy callback later in the film.


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