Muse: Every Album Ranked From Worst To Best

5. The Resistance (2009)


In my opinion, the best part of The Resistance is the epic three-part Exogenesis: Symphony at the end of the album. What was originally going to be a 15 minute space-rock solo, set to break the traditional conventions of an album, evolved into a symphony that front-man, Matt Bellamy had been working on for years. Muse had already used classical music but not to this degree, so it was nice to hear them building on the music of their past to create something different. The influence of the classical music also created a softer sounding album, going back to their original musical style, which was a refreshing and unexpected change from their previous heavier albums. With The Resistance it is clear to see a beginning of a change between Muse€™s traditional sound and the music to come from The 2nd Law. To me, the album is a little hit and miss €“ some songs are brilliant, combining hard rock with softer classical tones, like the songs of Muse€™s past. Other songs, such as Undisclosed Desires hint at the catchy beats we would hear in the future. Key tracks: Unnatural Selection, Exogenesis: Symphony, United States of Eurasia/Collateral Damage.
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