Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5: Everything You Need To Know

In space, no one can hear you confirm the rumours.

After Ridley Scott's cerebral space-horror Alien, and James Cameron's explosive thrill ride in its sequel Aliens, one of cinema's most famous franchises began to lose its way somewhat. Alien 3 was a mess of ideas that offered us a rather underwhelming conclusion, and years later the big budget Alien Resurrection did little but make a lot of noise and simply confuse things even further. But after almost 20 years of constant rumour and hushed whispering, there's finally going to be a new Alien film to bring the series to a definitive and satisfying conclusion. Now the real intrigue begins though, with questions about who will be involved, how the story will unfold, and how things can be picked up again after the endings of the last two outings, being the first that the new film will need to address. Will it be set between 2 and 3? How can the age of the characters and time that's elapsed since be accounted for? Will it fit into the current canon, retcon it, or be set in an alternate timeline? Each idea has its own pros and cons, and the possibilities (and pitfalls) for those making it a reality seem endless. Very little is known for sure so far, but the little nuggets of information that have either been accidentally let slip or gradually teased out of those involved paint a pretty certain picture. Here are 10 such parcels of knowledge that fans can count on being in Alien 5's genetic makeup.
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