New Batman Film: 5 Changes From Nolan's Trilogy It Must Make

Batman-Arkham-City-5 As incredible as Christopher Nolan€™s Dark Knight trilogy was, it is becoming ever-more obvious that the Batman franchise is in need of a reboot in the coming years. Although we are not long removed from the release of The Dark Knight Rises, with the revelation that the next Superman movie is going to feature a Batman character in the prominent role, it€™s obvious that Batman needs a new direction. Since it looks very likely that Christian Bale is not going to return (nor do I think that he should return, he finished his story), the future for Batman is full of unknowns and surprises. I€™m really excited for the future of Batman, and, while I loved Nolan€™s trilogy to a great degree, there are some things that I would really like to see play out differently in the next rendition of the Dark Knight€™s story. So without further ado, here are 5 things that I€™d like to see happen in Batman€™s future film career. Let me know if you agree, disagree, or think something different!
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