New Batman Film: 5 Changes From Nolan's Trilogy It Must Make

5. Muscular Bruce Wayne

batman-earth-one-preview Let€™s start off with a pretty simple request: as a monthly reader of DC€™s Batman and Detective Comics series, I€™ve noticed a very definitive look for the comic book version of Bruce Wayne. Wayne is extremely muscular, with very broad shoulders and an almost-Jay-Leno-like jawline. He€™s the strongest guy on the street, a formidable force with whom nobody messes. While I really enjoyed Bale€™s portrayal of the Dark Knight, I€™d love to see a Batman who looks like the comic book version of the Crusader. I€™m not entirely certain which Hollywood actor would fit the bill, so to speak, but I know that the Joseph Gordon-Levitt Robin-to-Batman route would not leave me satisfied. I don€™t think that€™s going to happen, but it€™s worth mentioning. Since Batman will be going up against Superman in Man of Steel 2, he€™s going to have to have some noticeable muscle behind his punches in order to stand somewhat of a chance against the Kryptonian, and I€™d like to see him look like he does in the comics.
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